One more sleep…

I think people in San Antonio are afraid of walking…
Last night, I asked the clerk at my hotel if there was a good place to eat nearby. She said there was only a McDonalds and a Subway- not quite what I was looking for. I thought I had chosen a hotel close enough to the river walk, so I asked her about it. Her response was “ohhh… Yeah it’s over three blocks away.” …what? When did three blocks become impossible? I decided to go for it. I walked towards the river. About two blocks into my walk I wanted to make sure I was headed in the right direction so I asked a cop. “You’re headed the right way,” she said to me, “but you’re gonna have to hoof it!” Where exactly is this place?? Turns out, it’s two blocks away. The entire walk was less then half a mile, and two people looked concerned that maybe I wouldn’t make it! Do I look decrepit? Ha.
Anyway, dinner last night was lovely. I passed out. I woke up. I hit the road. Three and a half hours later I was in Houston!
I am so trilled to be in Houston visiting my High School buddy Jen an her husband Brendyn and daughter Mia. How adorable is this silly little nugget??


We spent the afternoon at the mall watching Mia play with the other kids. She is such a bright and intuitive child, albeit exhausting. Aren’t they all?

We’re about to go out to dinner for some real Texas barbecue! After that, only one more sleep until I get to my sweetie! Ill update tomorrow when I get home!