Hey sweetnesses!

I don’t have a whole lot to post here – still recovering from travel – but I just wanted to say I am in Bali, and thrilled to be here. Have met a bunch of lovely people, gotten a $6 full body massage on a beautiful beach, and gotten some rest. Promise I will have something more interesting next post, but I wanted to tell you I’m here.




  1. So good to hear you are there, resting and enjoying meeting new people and getting a $6. massage. Wish we were there.

    Love you lots and wishing you the best. Keep the blogs coming. Hugs and kisses. B&B.

  2. Hi hon,

    It is great to hear from you. I’d fly over myself for a series of $6.00 massages! Glad you are enjoying this incredible new adventure and want to hear all about it when you take some downtime. Dad said that your classes begin on Nov.1st, so I imagine you are soaking up all the local color right now. can you send some pictures?

    Hugs & kisses, Love, Grandma Marcia

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