DC, part 2.

The rest of my DC trip was equally as delightful, what can I say? I got to see some more of my favorite people ever!

First of all, this kid:


Bianca and I have been friends for, what? Ten years now? Safe to say she knows me pretty well. Being able to spend a few days seeing her world was such a treat for me. One of my favorite things is being able to picture where my people are at any given moment. Now I know! I haven’t laughed or cried so much in a very long time. We’re making secret travel plans for sometime. Maybe. I don’t know what’s happening but it’s going to be good.

Do you ever have people in your life that you could spend forever with? I do. Just a few, though. Sometimes the truth of friendships is that you can love one another infinitely, and still not be compatible for travel, or for extended periods of time. No shame in that. Bianca is one of those people I could actually spend a really long time with and not want to murder. It’s awesome except for the fact that non of our visits seem long enough.

I got to see some family this trip, including my Grandma, Aunt, and cousin.

Grams and I went shopping, as per usual. She makes an excellent shopping buddy. This time she found the biggest, fluffiest sweater for me in the depths of TJ Maxx that I am extremely grateful for. I can’t wait to wear it everywhere in the winter.

She also distracted me from my anxiety with art projects. It was kind of like I was a kid again, except I figured out what she was doing this time. Didn’t make it any less of a sweet gesture, though. I spent a few hours over the day designing flyers for their upcoming play. They turned out cute, and I was completely distracted for 2-3 hours. Mutually beneficial & totally adorable.

We had a lovely dinner at Aunt Ricki & Al’s, and I got to see my cousin Rachael, which was really special. Look at how cute we are:


Now look how extra cute we are:


Okay, maybe that second one was more “goofy” than “extra cute” but it’s all good, right?

I also saw my long lost cousin, Elizabeth. Well, it’s not so much that she was ever “lost” but it has been a very long time! We had plenty to catch up on – family dramas, the last 6 years of our lives… it was great. We had a beautiful dinner at the District Commons. I am so happy to have seen her, and think of her family often. Fun fact: Liz’s family dog, Tango, is the “half-brother” of my momma’s dog. DOG COUSINS FUR-EVER. Love you, Liz (and family)!



Back home in NY for a minute now, will write about that soon!