New York, My Home

It’s amazing to me the way I feel about New York. It’s dirty, everyone is tired and working harder than they should, the apartments are tiny, the rats are huge… and yet, it’s home. It inspires me so much to be here. Actually, every time my plane lands in New York I get a little teary-eyed. I managed to avoid it this time, spent about half an hour congratulating myself, and then¬†bawled on the Subway. No one even noticed. Dang, I love this place. I can’t believe how easily I cry these days. I think it must be all of those hip opening poses. I dare you to sit in Pigeon Pose for half an hour and not cry at something afterwards.

My time in New York has been wonderful (I’m coming back, so I’m not feeling too dramatic about leaving yet). I am so in awe of my friends’ capabilities and passions.

Here are some highlights from the week:

1. My brother. My little boo let me live in his apartment for over a week! We didn’t kill each other. We had lots of wonderful conversations. We drank, we ate, and we saw theatre. I am so grateful for our relationship. He is a constant source of energy in my life. Also, look at this sheyna punim:



2. My family. I got to see one set of Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and “cousins” this week for Rosh Hashannah. We had a lovely, secular, food-filled holiday complete with kugel. Enough said, right? Well, actually, I should clarify: noodle kugel. I don’t stand for any of that potato crap. This subset of my family, Grandparents especially, are some of the most amazing and supportive people I have ever met.

3. My friends! I had a beautiful asana practice with Sara, who also made a bitchin’ egg and veggie scramble, listened to my bitchin’, and inspired me to get back home to New York. I went on a very successful secret mission with Adam (which is a secret from the internet, but if you want to know what it was we will totally tell you). I spent a few hours doing mostly nothing but talking with Raquel, and it was perfect and lovely (as she is!). Check out this sunset we found just off the Christopher Street Pier:



I did absolutely nothing with my buddy, Mal, even though we were supposed to get a lot of work done (illicit chats can be the best chats). And, of course, I drank copious amounts of wine with my sweet Brittany and ended up having deep life conversations that segued into 80s music. Obviously.

I’m headed to DC, then finally to Los Angeles to see The Captain before I leave the country. I’ll write more in a few days.


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  1. Hi lovely child……..can’t believe I get to have you here with me for 2 eves and a whole day! Love you much.,.Grandma Marcia

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