So London was great. A little bot of sightseeing on the things I’d never seen before, but mostly just eating good food, seeing good friends, and shopping around.
Last night when we were out my phone had a fatality when someone spilled an ENTIRE tray of drinks on me.
Thank goodness, almost all my photos and such were backed up. Unfortunately, it means I have no fancy iPhone to update my blog with pictures and the like.
I will get a new phone when I get back to the states, and I have a crappy british cell for now to get around with.
This is a short update since I’m paying through my ears to use wifi at the hostel.
We are flying to Rome in the morning, so I will be safe with Mom so no worries! I will try to update this blog with text from the ship, and I will come back and throw in all the pictures I can after the fact. Another possibility is installing my wordpress app on Mom’s phone and using that!
I promise I’ll try for better updates soon. Will let you all know the second I find wifi!