It Begins Again

Well, here we are again- what can I say? I am driving across the country yet again, this time by myself. The sole purpose of this blog is so my mom knows I’m doing alright, but if you get some entertainment out of it along the way, bless you.
I left Los Angeles at 8 this morning. I may or may not have shed a few tears while locking the door behind me. I’m thrilled for my new adventure, but I’m sad to leave the sweet little house that I have thought of as my home for the last year and a half.
I grabbed some “road food” from the grocery store (hard boiled eggs, roasted chicken breast, baby carrots, green beans, and GF pretzels) along with a decaf coffee the size of my head, and got moving! We live five minutes from the I-10 on either end, so (thankfully) most of my driving will be on the highway!
I cursed Diane’s giant collection of blind spots (her truck), I sang along to some 90s tunes (j.lo and xtina aguilera in the same hour!!), and I chatted on the phone with Mom, Dad, Di, and Di’s Mom and Dad. I have such a wonderfully supportive family. How lucky am I?! Poor Diane had to listen to me babble the longest. I’m getting my time in before she goes back to work tomorrow. I can’t believe we’ve already spent 3 weeks apart!
My duck is traveling alone this time. You’ll get the reference if you followed last time…


Coming off the heels of my fantastic and extremely active Yellowstone vacation, 8 sedentary hours a day for a week straight is not exactly what I was hoping for, but I guess that’s the way the gluten-free cookie crumbles. I brought my sneakers and hopefully ill use em at the gym one morning!
I made it to Phoenix, AZ today. Look at how flipping beautiful the Arizona desert is!


6.5 hours of driving. I’m feeling accomplished. I think I underestimated my stamina. I also learned how to use cruise control today (my patient sweetheart coached me over the phone). Cruise control is absolutely necessary when taking long car trips so you can get the full effect of your choreography while car-dancing. I was feeling really confident about my routine until some trucker shot me a weird look and totally tookt he wind out of my sails. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. 22 hours of driving to go. Tomorrow I call Grandmas. Tuesday I’m taking special requests. Wednesday I’m making crank calls. Is your refrigerator running?
I took a glorious hot bath when I got here (I am achey ALL OVER!) and decided to leave my hair wet. It was dry by the time I got to a restaurant for some dinner (two blocks away!!!!). It is 111 degrees here. WHAT.
Anyway, gotta go. Salad has arrived. Catch up with ya tomorrow!