Last night in Paris!

Just had our last hoorahs in Paris! Ate a delicious baguette this morning for breakfast and homemade cheese from a cheese shop and local raspberries (best I’ve ever had). Ate alone while sitting on the steps of an old church and smoked a cigarette I bummed off a stranger. It tasted gross but it seemed like the French thing to do. It was an authentic experience. Then i found Felicia and we bummed Round fir a bit. Then alex and I went for dinner at a reLly nice restaurant and had wine and food. We ate pâté that was OUT OF THIS WORLD and escargot which was tasty, but really chewy and I just couldn’t handle it. But I tried it. Then we ate local fresh duck and potatoes that were so good I almost cried. For dessert we had camembert and honey. Yummmmmm.
Tomorrow we wake up at the crack of dawn to fly to Zagreb, Croatia. Woo! We take he bus to the national park tomorrow night and may not have wifi for a few days, just warning you….