Can’t sleep so I figured I’d update quickly:

We drove, we dodged snow, we ate truck stop sandwiches, and we stood on a corner in Winslow, Arizona (and sang about it [carrie&carla, that was for you, of course] !). That pretty much describes the drive until we made it to Arizona!


We had some fears of funky weather, but it was sunny and gorgeous!



I could hardly believe how unique the scenery was, between the red rocks, and this weirdo I saw riding a giant hare across the highway…


We got safely to Natalie and Bruce’s and were greeted by hugs and chili dinner (we are so spoiled)! We spent the night talking, and laughing- they are such smart and wonderful people! We headed to bed in the comfy guest room and got up this morning to see Sedona.

We went for breakfast at the airport restaurant so we could watch the planes taking off, and then Natalie took us for a little hike:



Still can’t believe how gorgeous it is here!



After a short visit at a historic chapel that was built into the side of the red rocks, we headed home for a bit before going out to dinner. Dinner was delicious tapas at a neighborhood restaurant, followed by some live music at a local bar. Diane, Natalie and I must have played about eight games of pool while hanging out there! Well, I should say Diane and Natalie played about eight games of pool- I’m not exactly sure what I was doing could count as “playing”…