On the road, AGAIN…

Our time in Santa Fe was lovely- a little heavy on the kokopelli art, but lovely. We pretty much ate our way through town, which we justified by walking everywhere (though I’m pretty sure it didn’t even out fairly…).

We wanted to head out yesterday, but the forecast was TERRIBLE, citing possible winds over 60 mph and hail over one inch in diameter! This is the light dusting of snow on the car (which is all we thought we’d get! Whoops!)


So, poor us, we spent our Valentine’s day walking around, nibbling delicious food, and sitting in front of a roaring fire drinking champagne and watching movies. We are spoiled girls!

We went out for dinner last night all bundled up!


Check out the fire Diane made when we got home! It was beautiful…


We woke up this morning and decided the forecast was good enough to go, so we are headed toward Sedona, AZ where we will visit ( AND ARE SO EXCITED TO BE SPENDING TIME WITH) our friends Natalie and Bruce. Woo!

We expect to land around 7pm tonight (9pm your time!), and until then I just wanted to share with you the gorgeous mountain view from my car window:


And, in my humble opinion, the most gorgeous view of all: