We had such a wonderful time at Bruce and Natalie’s (holla!)!

Friday Nat took us off-roading in her Jeep:



We got tossed all over the place but we had a great time. All the windows were open and the top was off so we got to see the mountain and breathe the fresh air!

We had a nice dinner that night, and then went to a brewery to taste some local beer and hear a live band play. The band turned out to be excellent (as Natalie would say- they were really crankin’!), and the beer was tasty. Successful evening, if I do say so myself. Here’s Di and Bruce gettin their groove on:


Yesterday we drove up to Jerome, a small mountain town. We stopped in an old mining ghost town along the way- creepy and pretty cool. It’s kind of hard to explain, but we fed a donkey, looked at antique cars, and found someone’s discarded peg leg. You’ll just have to take our word for it.

We drove into town after that for bloody Marys and burgers at the famous Haunted Hamburger:


And then tramped around town and bullied kids at the playground. Bruce took a nap in the sun, while Diane, Nat, and I sat on the swing set:



We then went to dance and see a band called the Cadillac Angels play at a bar:



When we got home, Natalie and Bruce made us dinner and we all watched The Help. I cried (can you believe it, mom??!) the entire second half of the movie.

This morning we woke up and packed up our stuff We miss these crazy kids already!!!


We are back in the road now for our last day of driving! Here’s our google map (we’re taking route 2, on I-40):


We just saw our first road sign for Los Angeles!!!!!


We hope to be in our new house by 8pm! I will update a few more times with pictures of the house and, better pictures of our trip, etc. Check back in!!