Grass, oil, grass, oil

Hey all! We don’t have too much to report today, really…

We finally made it into Texas yesterday:


What a smelly state! Well, not the whole thing, but we passed lots of oil refineries and chemical plants. And grass. Lots and lots of grass. We saw some baby cows that were pretty cute but that was about the highlight of the drive.

We finally arrived in Austin and headed to the house of a dear friend of mine. We were greeted with a delicious curry dinner with lots of fresh veggies. We met his girlfriend and their other roommate who were all really cool artists and musicians. After dinner, my buddy who is a tattoo artist gave Diane and I the tattoos we’ve been talking about getting. He has done a lot of mine, so I trust him a lot! The tattoos came out beautifully, a skeleton key behind the ear. We are so happy!


We slept like rocks after all the excitement and now we’re back on the road heading west! We expect to land in las cruces, NM around 9 pm. We are refreshed, full of coffee and eggs and fruit and cheese. Woo hoo!

Also, for the Calhouns/Bryans, we passed this little gem on our way out of Austin: