All I see is turquoise!

Wow! Yesterday was our longest day of driving, i think, and certainly the most precipitous. We ran into some flurries, but Di drove rig like a pro. We started our day hollering and dancing in the car to “I wanna dance with somebody” as a little tribute. Poor Whit, miss her already!

We passed the Mexican border, the Rio Grande (which in many spots is not all that grand…), and even got stopped for inspection by border patrol. Eep! For some reason that made us nervous even though we weren’t hiding any fugitives. They let us go pretty quickly, I guess they could tell… I am too scared to even smuggle someone into a drive-in movie!

We also passed the time by uploading the pictures from Chokoloskee. There are some really funny ones that I will make available to all my singing and dancing cohorts ASAP. Be afraid!

The scenery along the drive was so gorgeous.


I regret that there is no camera lens wide enough to capture the feeling of being dwarfed by nature, as that is what I most wish I could share at this moment. The entirety of our drive we were surrounded (and humbled) by the most beautiful snowy mountains. I am so grateful we took the time to drive instead of flying; I joke about its redundancy, but we would have missed out on so much…

Sooooo, we made it to New Mexico!


We are staying at the sweetest bed and breakfast in Santa Fe and loving every minute. Last night we had an incredible dinner at a Spanish/American tapas restaurant. Grilled leeks with roasted red pepper:


And grilled artichoke hearts with fresh goat cheese and mint:


We were in heaven!

When we came home, Diane lit a fire in the fireplace :


and we cozied up to watch the Grammys. Delicious breakfast this AM (huevos rancheros with green chile and a chile relleno with eggs and black beans), and now we’re off to explore town for the day! More to come!