So we woke up yesterday and scrounged up some coffee and breakfast- lovely. There was a little market by our hostel (which is, by the way, awesome and cozy) so we walked around for a minute and spent some money before we went on to our sightseeing. We explored the Buda side yesterday. We saw the castle and explored the underground labyrinths. We also took europes oldest cable car to the top of a mountain! We also stumbled upon a marzipan museum. Whaaat? They had huge castles and cakes made from marzipan, alongside marzipan scenes of Harry Potter. It was bizarre and awesome. We had a great dinner and then headed back to the hostel to get some rest.

This morning we explored the Pest side of the city- we went to Europe’s largest synagogue which was beautiful and huge. It actually looked more like a cathedral than a synagogue. There were pews and stained glass windows. I loved it though. It was attached to a Jewish museum which was really interesting along with a memorial garden for holocaust victims.


We wentto an indoor market downtown that was really disappointing- overpriced and touristy. We found an awesome restaurant though that had hay and peanut shells on the floor and people had tacked notes all over the walls! We had really good goulash and a cheese plate and of course, we left a note.


Funky, right?



We are back at the hostel for the night. Getting sleepy so I’m off to bed! Our train to Prague is tomorrow at 9.25am. Whoop whoop. Hopefully the hostel there will have wifi. I guess you’ll find out tomorrow. :)