2nd day in Paris

Hello all!
Felicia had a breakfast date and Alex had a final so I explored on my own today. Went to the Modern Art Museum (centre Pompidou) and the Luxembourg gardens, the Champs Élysées, Arc de Triomphe, la Defense, and the Louvre. My legs hurt so badly!!!!
Yesterday we went shopping in the Marais and saw the Eiffel tower at midnight. So lovely. My French is still non-existent, but I have navigated pretty well by myself and uttered a lot of apologetic “merci”s. Haha.
Food is really great. Alex and I had mushroom risotto and onion soup for dinner last night. So good! Tomorrow I am doing some shopping, buying a little souvenir for D, and then alex, Felicia and I are going to get out cultural kicks with a lunch of escargot, fois gras, pâté, and local cheese. I am planning on trying all of it! Vegetarianism is out the window when I am experiencing other cultures. Who am I to say what’s appropriate? Also, everything here is fresh and local. No harm to the environment or to the economy, and no gross hormones pumped into my body. Suck it, American meat industry!
Tomorrow is our last day in Paris. Friday morning we fly early as heck into Zagrab, Croatia. Can’t wait! This is so surreal!
Also, my cough is getting better and my fever went down. Gonna keep pushing that holistic medicine. If I still feel crappy I’ll see a doctor in Prague but it’s looking like I’ll be fine. :)
One pic below is alex and I at dinner last night being silly, the other is a hilarious rabbit cartoon sticker that is on all the metro trains. They are NOT kidding, either. Those things don’t close and re-open like the NYC subways do when something comes between the doors. They are vicious! Updates again soon!